LegaCloud Offering

What problem are we trying to solve?

In 2018 and beyond, every aspect of our lives will be increasingly computerized.
The digital revolution has disrupted every industry from automobile, banking, and manufacturing to education, childcare, communications and others.
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It is difficult to find an industry that has not been transformed by the digital age.

The next frontier in the digital revolution will focus on

High resource demand computational analysis



Artificial intelligence

Big data analytics

These computing innovators will require an increasing amount of processing power and electricity to thrive

The LegaCloud computing platform addresses this demand.

Further, we outline the individual contributors to high demand for computer processing and electricity in a stable environment.

Demand triggers
Cloud services proliferation
demand for centralized computing
Electric vehicles
demand for electricity as the “new oil”
demand for high electricity use computing
Robotics & AI
demand for electricity and computing capabilities
Rise in population
higher demand for both computing end electricity
Climate change
companies will move their computer workloads away from the coastal areas
Big data and IoT
increased demand for centralized data analytics from remote device with little to no computing power

How do we solve this problem?

Safe electricity supply
The LegaCloud datacenter platform offers industrial quality electricity supply directly connected to an electrical power provider on privately owned land in a secure facility within the continental United States.
Hurricane & flood safe
The facility is physically secure, structurally sound and is located away from hurricane paths and flood zones.
Best internet connection
The internet service is provided by a Tier 1 internet provider via a fiber optic line terminated at each facility.
Best in class customer support
In addition to affordable space and power, we are proud to offer customers the support of skilled and talented engineers with many years of experience building, supporting and securing large-scale datacenters and complex cloud solutions.

How does our solution work?

1. The customer purchases LCUT from the LegaCloud website paying via PayPal or credit card with their native currency. LCUT tokens will also be available for conversion from Ethereum or Bitcoin via a digital wallet exchange transaction -  we convert the deposited currency into LCUT and deposit it into the customers’ LCUT wallet. This LCUT balance is used to pay for LegaCloud datacenter space and power as well as support services.


2. The customer has a choice of shipping their existing equipment to us. If this option is chosen, then a shipping pickup and delivery is arranged. If the customer is in the continental United States or Canada we can arrange a UPS (United Parcel Service) pickup and delivery for them. This service may also be paid for in LCUT.


3. The customer may choose to purchase equipment from us. This equipment can be custom-built to their specifications with hardware available on the market or sourced from our partner Dell EMC. The customer exchanges and deposits LCUT in their account and chooses their desired hardware configuration. The chosen hardware is ordered, built, and connected for the customer who is then billed for sustaining space and power for their account.   


4. The customer chooses their desired setup and internet connectivity fee with LCUT and their equipment is installed and connected. The customer performs their desired workloads.


5. The customer deposits a desired number of LCUT tokens into their account within the LegaCloud website. We draw their monthly fee from LCUT based on the services they have chosen and their rate of electricity consumption.