LegaCloud Token Model

LegaCloud Token Model

LegaCloud will be servicing their customers via an encrypted Utility Token based on the Etherium platform called LCUT – LegaCloud Utility Token.
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This token will be available to purchase via a Cryptocurrency exchange or via the LegaCloud web site in fiat currency.

Customers will be offered datacenter services that will include space and power plus basic internet connectivity with a range of additional services such as remote monitoring, computer imaging, remote hands, diagnostics and more.

What are the advantages of the LegaCloud Utility Token?

Customers are offered a bundle of essential services
that include datacenter space of their desired size, electrical power with an individual meter for their setup, and a basic internet connection to remotely connect to their datacenter setup. This price will be measured and paid for in LCUT – LegaCloud Utility Token.
LCUT allows us to adequately prepare for customer demand
based on outstanding tokens, ultimately streamlining provisioning of services by forecasting appropriate demand.
It allows both us as a service provider and the customer
to deliver and accept the service much faster by utilizing the blockchain ledger eliminating the use of snail mail, invoicing, credit card payments and other time consuming barriers.
This method allows high demand computing projects
with a high processing requirement to account for and allocate a set budget.
Ordering services via the LCUT utility token allows the customer
to pick and choose the services they want in an a-la-carte fashion as well as scale up or tear down those services quickly to return that capacity back to the pool of available resources.
Accepting payments for services via a utility token allows us
to offer our services more openly and effectively across borders and truly open up a global market. For example, a customer from South Africa who wishes to run a high demand computational analysis no longer needs to convert South African Rand into US dollars, pay bank fees or credit card processing fees, and wait for that deposit to show up in our account to render the service. Instead, the payment for services is done quickly and reliably by acquiring LCUT utility tokens and redeeming them for the services we offer.
By pricing our services in LCUT,
we nurture a microclimate economy within our service offerings regulating its own price based on customer specific payment ability, costs, profit margin, and demand. For instance, a customer from Germany whose cost in their native country is 0.35 USD / kWh would value the service higher than a customer from New Zealand whose electricity cost is 0.19 USD in their native market. By allowing a customer to pay in LCUT, we encourage self-regulating pricing based on value and demand.