About LegaCloud Platform


Managed datacenter and cloud services brand of LegaSystems, an Information Technology services company.
Since 2007, LegaSystems has operated in Massachusetts as Ecometics Incorporated.
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We have a proven record of competency, professionalism, and commitment to our customers and partners.

We design, implement and support
complex private, public and hybrid cloud solutions for customers in financial, banking, medical, and government services, as well as software verticals.
Since 2012,
we have been operating an outsourced datacenter business model in the USA in which we offer customers flexible computing and power space as well as add-on services such as remote monitoring, remote hands, diagnostics and disaster preparation services.
What is the LegaCloud Platform?
LegaCloud is our managed datacenter platform powered by the blockchain technology. Our platform offers clients flexibility, scalability and significant cost and time savings in electricity and system management by optimizing datacenter operations and scale economies.
Affordable space and power
As low as 9 US cents per KW/h including space for client systems and electrical power.
Flexible and scalable
From a single computer to custom-sized cage installations.
A la carte support services
Clients may choose what support services they need.
Reduced management overhead
We have competent technicians onsite to help diagnose technical issues and resolve most hardware and software problems that may arise.
We offer
System health monitoring and configuration management
Remote access VPN and Remote Desktop Services
OS image capture and deployment
Hardware/software inventory
Pay-as-you-go licensing from Microsoft and Citrix Systems
Remote hands troubleshooting, diagnostics and repair
Network security auditing and mitigation
Custom computer system assembly